36th Corrales Old Church Fine Art Show
October 5, 2024 to October 13, 2024
Corrales, NM
Application Dates
Jun 15 to Jul 25 '24
Application Fee
(see prospectus for details)
Notification Date
Aug 23, 2024


36th Annual
Old Church Fine Arts Show

Corrales, New Mexico 
Old Church Show October 5-13, 2024

Application Dates: June 15, 2024 - July 25, 2024. Application Fee: $45.00 for CSA Members, $50 Non-members, Notification Date: Aug 25, 2024

Call For Artists:

Corrales Historical Society and Corrales Society of Artists invite all artists who are residents of New Mexico to apply for admission to the 36th Annual Old Church Fine Arts Show which will take place in person October 5-13, 2024.

  • Application Fee $45 for CSA Members; $50 Non-members
  • For one to three art pieces within a category.


The 36th Annual Old Church Fine Arts Show will be held at historic Old San Ysidro Church this year in 2024.  The show is a juried exhibition with a respected reputation for high quality artwork. 

Corrales Historical Society and Corrales Society of Artists present the art show to preserve and maintain the San Ysidro Church which is an 156-year-old adobe treasure. Therefore, 25% of the sale price of art sold will be considered a donation to the Church.

We welcome submissions of fine art photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, jewelry, mixed media, sculpture, and ceramics.

Policy on Giclee

If you wish to submit a Giclee for the show, you can submit one or two of your images being a Giclee but your third submission must then be a piece of original art. For example: 1 Giclee and 1 original or 2 Giclee and 1 original. If you are only submitting one piece for your enter it must be an original.

Category Definitions


Two-dimensional work created by the artist with pigment including oils and acrylics, as well as egg tempera, casein, encaustic, and watercolors. Work must be created with archival quality materials and properly signed.


Two-dimensional work created by the artist. It may be digitally enhanced but no computer-generated images (AI) or renderings, digital paintings or images not taken by the artist. By this definition, an artist would be able to combine images in a photograph, use Photoshop (or other programs), enhance or change a photograph, but would NOT be able to use computer-generated (AI) images of renderings. Images should be printed on archival quality papers using archival inks, and properly signed.

Mixed Media

Artwork in which a variety of media and artistic techniques have been employed in a single work. Generally, no more than 80% of one single medium should be used in a mixed media piece. Material used should be of archival quality.


3D art is primarily a single medium such as clay, metal, glass, and wood. Generally, 3-D art involves shaping figures or a design in the round or relief. This is done by chiseling marble, wood, modeling clay, casting metal or other materials. No forms of commercial or mass-produced or enhanced items not made by the artist are permitted.


2D work using a pen, pencil, crayon, and/or a marker. Work must be created with archival quality materials and properly signed.


Jewelry created by the artist without the use of commercial casts, molds, kits or a production studio, regardless of medium is considered acceptable.  Jewelry created solely through the stringing of commercially available beads and similar materials on wire, string or cord, with no elements created by the artist, is not permitted. Created pieces must be of “fine art quality”.


Printmaking must be a transfer process of producing original art, usually in multiples. Printed original works should be hand manipulated by the artist using etching, engraving, silk-screening, stone and plate lithography, linoleum block or wood cuts. Works must be created with archival quality materials and properly signed.


Three-dimensional clay and porcelain work created by the artist. Jewelry should not be included in this category. Work may not be machine-made or mass-produced. All works should be considered “fine art” quality.

Size Limitations 

Size  limit for art in the Old Church Fine Arts Show:

2-D art:  Maximum 24 X 36 inches or 900 sq. inches, not including framing.

Image Information

Image sizes and formats acceptable on Juried Art services can be found here

The shows jury of three independent art experts will review and rate their choices online. The application fee allows for submission of 1 to 3 art pieces within a category. Additional registration is necessary for applying in more than one of the six categories.

High quality photo files of the work (jpegs are fine) will be used for the judging and for display on the exhibition website.

Delivery and Hanging Instructions 

When delivering your artwork to the Fine Arts Show, your artwork must be ready to hang with a wire firmly attached to the back of the work and extending 2” below the top of the frame.  The two-inch requirement is necessary to minimize the top of the artwork from falling away from the panel and not allowing the artwork to be properly lit or viewed.

Metal, canvas, and glass pieces will be accepted but must meet the requirements of a wire (as explained above) or have some other secure hanging system that can accommodate Velcro hooks being used on the Pro Panels at the show.  If your piece is heavy and can’t be safely hung using Velcro Pro Panel hooks, you are responsible for providing a hanging device that will fit over the top of the panel to secure the artwork on the panel.  If your work requires some form of special hanging not described above, you will receive additional information upon acceptance


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