Prepare Your Images

File format

Juried Art Services can accept most image formats, including lossless modern and high fidelity formats including JPG, PNG, SVG and HEIC, however most events prefer JPG or PNG. We take care of optimizing the images you upload so you can store highly detailed photos of your work and they'll be displayed at the best detail level for the context in which they are viewed.

Image dimensions

The eJury system enlarges your images to give jurors a rich and detailed view of your artwork. The dimension guidelines ensure that jurors see your artwork exactly as you intend them to see it.

Images should be at least 750px at the smallest dimension and can be up to 10,950px. We support up to 300 DPI/PPI images, however the file size is capped at 50MB per image, so if you upload an image in maximum detail, you will need to use a file format which compresses the file such as JPG. The system supports 10,950 x 10,950 @ 300 DPI, which equates to 120 Megapixel images.

What's next?

After your images are prepared, log in and then click "Add Artwork to your Portfolios"

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