Juried Art Services streamlines the application process which professional artists use when applying to events. Since 2003, we've hosted thousands of events for over 100k artists, processing more than 500k applications.

We provide a complete solution for managing the entire process, including:

  • Application handling, payment processing, digital jurying, artist notification and custom reports
  • Event marketing and analytics
  • Membership processing
  • Upload art in 120 Megapixel, HDR, Lossless in Print or Retina quality in nearly any web media format
  • Live jury communication through Google Meet
  • Mobile friendly, accessible workflows
  • and more...

In 2003, we created the world’s first Digital Jurying System. During a four year development period with the Smithsonian, our system proved to be a superior method for administering juried competitions. Since then, we have worked with hundreds of museums, art festivals, craft shows, galleries and online exhibits to provide a complete solution, reducing the fatigue associated with event management so art professionals can spend more time with art and less time with processes.