Prepare Your Images

File format
Save your image files in the universal JPG format using maximum quality compression.

Image dimensions
The eJury system enlarges your images to give jurors a rich and detailed view of your artwork. The dimension guidelines ensure that jurors see your artwork exactly as you intend them to see it.

Images should be between 1400 pixels and 4000 pixels longest dimension at 300PPI (pixels per inch). Depending upon your connection speed, large files can take several minutes to upload.

Optionally, Photoshop users can save the final image as follows for best results:

  • Colorspace: sRGB
  • Metadata: None
  • Progressive JPEG: off

If an image is not saved in the sRGB colorspace it can appear washed out, blurry, in areas where there should be lots of detail or color saturation. Without the sRGB colorspace, the image has not been completely optimized for digital viewing.

The sRGB colorspace ensures that your image looks the same across various digital platforms such different devices, monitors, tablets etc. The generic and CMYK color spaces are used for printing specifications. If a generic or CMYK color profile is saved with the image instead of sRGB, numerous colors and combinations thereof are ignored because computers only use 3 colors and printers use 4.

If the color space is correct, then either the metadata, or progressive options which are saved to the final jpg/jpeg file, can can also confuse our algorithms. Having a non-progressive jpeg image with no meta-data will ensure that the thumbnails created have the same orientation as the original.

If your image uploaded incorrectly: Resave your image using the guidelines here re-upload your image. If you're still having difficulty please contact support by sending an e-mail to


What's next?
After your images are prepared, log in and then click "Add Artwork to your Portfolios"

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