Juried Art Services - Tutorial


To register to Juried Art Services click the 'Register Now' link.

If you have previously registered, login with the username and password that you created.

Click on ‘Forgot Password’ to retrieve a lost password.


Create a unique username and password. Select a security question from the list and enter the response in the space below.

Please fill in all fields with a next to it. These fields are required information.



To add a new portfolio click ‘Portfolios’ then click 'Create a New Portfolio.'

Create Portfolio

Enter a name for your portfolio. Your portfolio name will only be seen by you. Each portfolio that you create can have a different artist statement. All images and artist statements will be available for use on your application.


Adding Artwork

Once a portfolio is created, you can upload your images.

Click the 'Browse' button and select the image on your computer to upload. Click ‘Submit’ to upload the image. You will see a progress bar indicating the file is being transferred.


Adding Artwork: Complete!

After the image has completed uploading you will see a thumbnail version of it. Below the image are useful links related to that image.

Repeat this process until you have completed uploading your images.


To make changes to your portfolios, click ‘Portfolios’ then click on the portfolio you wish to edit.

Portfolio Editor

Make changes to the name or description of your portfolio. You may also delete the portfolio including all of the images in it. Underneath each image you may click ‘Edit’ to make changes to the image or 'Delete' to remove it .


Edit Artwork Information

Edit any of the fields by clicking 'Edit' underneath an image in your portfolio. Make sure to click 'Update' to save your changes.

You may move the image to a different portfolio, replace or delete the image.



Before you begin this step, read the prospectus for the competition that you are applying to and make sure you have the correct number of images.

To apply to an event click on 'Events' on the upper righthand corner of the JAS Home page. Then choose the event you would like to apply to. Click 'Apply Now' to access the application.

Follow the instructions on your screen.

Please note that the instructions may vary because each show has different requirements.


Review Application and Pay Now

Once you are satisfied with your application, click the 'PAY NOW' button to submit payment.

Application Payment

Enter your credit card information and click 'SUBMIT'.

Make sure that your address matches the credit card that you are using. A receipt will be automatically emailed to you.


Manage Applications

To edit your application, click on 'Applications'. Click the application to edit.

After the final deadline your application(s) can no longer be modified.

You can also archive old applications so that they are removed from this screen. Click 'View Archived Applications' on the bottom of your screen to view the application that you have archived.