May 23, 2020 to December 13, 2020
Various Midwest locations
Application Dates
Dec 7 '19 to Jan 20 '20
Application Fee
(see prospectus for details)
Notification Date
Feb 19, 2020


Dear Artists,

We are excited to launch the 2020 season, a year of perfect vision and 24 exciting shows. Try our Pro Pass to apply to some of all of our shows. Try news shows in Northbrook, Wheaton and Wrigleyville.

Sell on, a year round online selling site that gives you free pages to sell from. Attend free Art Fest Boot Camps for tips and techniques on maximizing sales at shows.

We make shows easy for you. We offer tent and pro-panel rental, valet and set up assistance at most shows. Try double deals on double booths for artists wanting space, discounted hotel rooms, and booth sitters. We strive for display spaces that are 12’ wide by 10’ deep with extra space.

Thanks to the artists who have exhibited with us the past 36 years. Thanks to our Artists Advisory Board and their feedback and ideas.

Apply Today! Applications are due January 20, 2020. All info is subject to change, see our site at for updates, and call us with any questions!

Amy Amdur, President, CEO, Amdur Productions

2020 Season Calendar

DEC 2019




Art Fest Boot Camp:
Art Fest 101

Highland Park, Illinois




APRIL 2020




Art Fest Boot Camp: Maximizing Sales

Highland Park, Illinois




MAY 2020




Barrington Art Festival

Barrington, Illinois


Northbrook Art in the Park

Northbrook, Illinois




JUNE 2020




Gold Coast Art Fair

Chicago, Illinois


Wheaton Art Walk

Wheaton, Illinois


Wrigleyville Art Market

Chicago, Illinois


Promenade of Art
Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights, Illinois

26, 27, 28

Millennium Art Festival  

Chicago, Illinois


Valparaiso Art Festival

Valparaiso, Indiana




JULY 2020



3, 4, 5

Chicago Botanic
Garden Art Festival 

Glencoe, Illinois


Whitefish Bay Art Fest

Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin


Artfest Michigan Avenue  

Chicago, Illinois


Glencoe Festival of Art 

Glencoe, Illinois








Art at the Glen 

Glenview, Illinois


Printer's Row Art Fest

Chicago, Illinois


Lincolnshire Art Festival 

Lincolnshire, Illinois

21, 22, 23

Evanston Art &
Big Fork Festival

Evanston, Illinois


Port Clinton Art Festival 

Highland Park, Illinois








Third Ward Art Festival 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Deer Park Art Show 

Deer Park, Illinois


Oakbrook Art Festival

Oak Brook, Illinois








MADE Holiday Pop-Up

Chicago, Illinois





Festival Eligibility

  1. All artwork submitted to jury, displayed and presented for sale at festivals must be created, designed and made or made under the direct supervision of the accepted artist(s). All artwork shown must be for sale.
  2. An artist may apply in more than one category, but not twice in the same category.
  3. Jewelry created through fabrication and casting is allowed if the original casts are made by the artist.
  4. No commercial casts/molds allowed in production.
  5. No factory produced items allowed.
  6. Photography/Digital art: Original work made by the hands of the photographer is allowed. Only one size of an image may be hung in a booth. All printing of images must be done by the photographer or under their direct supervision.
  7. Artists must create their work from start to finish.
  8. The Artist certifies that jury images submitted represent their current original work and represent the category and body of art that will be displayed at the festival.
  9. Art collaborators (up to two artists in total) producing a single item qualify as an exhibitor. A collaborator is not an employee or helper. If artists enter as a collaboration, it must be clearly noted on the application and art shown must be signed by both.
  10. No work made solely by apprentices or employees is allowed. All artwork must be made in the country the artist resides in.
  11. “Buy/sell” items are strictly prohibited from all or part of an artist’s booth. Buy/Sell is any art or object that is purchased from a manufacturer or maker other than the artist and sold at a festival as “original” work. The restriction of buy/sell work is in ALL categories of art at ALL shows.
  12. Multiples: Limited editions of work in which the artist hand manipulates plates, stones, or screens numbered and signed in editions up to 500 are allowed and are an artist’s original body of work. Reproductions by mechanical techniques including “giclee” and “iris” prints must be signed and numbered (up to 500). Artists may display reproductions on up to 10 linear feet of their booth, and at the Port Clinton Art Festival in a single bin only.

Festival Policies

  1. Acceptance is non-transferable. Booths cannot be split without the expressed consent from the Festival Committee.
  2. All festivals are drug-free. No smoking or vaping is allowed in or near artists’ booths.
  3. Accepted artists must be present during all festival hours. No agents, representatives, family members or friends are permitted as a substitute for the accepted artists’ attendance, unless express exception is granted in special circumstances.
  4. Any artist closing the booth prior to the end of the show without permission will not be permitted to return the next day or in future years.
  5. Only artwork in the category accepted through the jury process is allowed. It is the exclusive right of the Festival Committee to direct removal of work at the show that is not in compliance with festival rules. Non-complying artists will be asked to leave the show immediately and no refund will be given.
  6. Discount/sales signs, and ribbons from other shows are not allowed.
  7. Each exhibitor is responsible to collecting and remitting local sales tax to the State’s Department of Revenue as required by law.
  8. White tents only.
  9. Double and corner spaces may be requested but not guaranteed and are awarded at the sole discretion of the Festival Committee. Double spaces must be occupied by two tents.

For a full list of our rules, regulations, and policies, and for more information, please go to our website.