2018 Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival
May 18, 2018 to May 20, 2018
Reston Town Center, Reston, Virginia
Application Dates
Aug 26 to Dec 17 '17
Application Fee
(see prospectus for details)
Notification Date
Jan 24, 2018


27th Annual Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival

May 18-20, 2018
Reston Town Center
Reston, VA

Every spring the Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE) invites over 200 artists to showcase their best, original, contemporary fine art and craft in this competitive, juried outdoor event held in the streets of Reston Town Center, a unique, walkable downtown, filled with a variety of residences, offices, upscale retail shops, and fine dining. On Festival weekend, we draw up to 30,000 visitors. And for you, the artists, it appropriately starts with sales.  The 2018 Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival will become a three-day event, opening on Friday, and thereby provide access to an entirely NEW buying audience: the approximately 10,000-person workforce in the Town Center. It is an audience we have not truly reached and by making the very significant logistical investment in a Friday opening provides A NEW, BUILT-IN, AFFLUENT BUYING AUDIENCE looking for world-class art for their offices, homes, for gifts, and more. It reflects our relentless focus on investing to grow our audience (and we typically draw tens of thousands of visitors already) and driving sales, explaining why ArtFairCalendar.com has described this as a festival where "the 'art stars' of the outdoor art fairs vie for spaces." 

Added bonus: we will now move our Festival Party, to Saturday night (7-9:30pm) and use it to announce our Artist Awards ($500 cash prize for our ten awardees, a blue ribbon to display at their booths, and automatic acceptance into next year's Festival).  By making the Artist Awards the focus of the evening, we will shine an even brighter spotlight on our participating artists. As always, our artists and their plus-ones are our party guests, FREE, another of our nationally renowned artist amenities. 

These major changes will make the 2018 Festival bigger and better than ever! Artists applications for juror review are required by Sunday, December 10.  The Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival is the Greater Reston Art Center's (GRACE's) largest annual fundraiser.


Thursday, May 17

10 am – 5 pm    Artist booth set up

Friday, May 18       

10 am – 5 pm    Booths open and ready for business                   

Saturday, May 19  

10 am – 5 pm  Booths open and ready for business

Sunday, May 20    

10 am – 5 pm  Booths open and ready for business

Festival Party will be held Saturday night 7pm - 9:30pm


Applications are only accepted through www.juriedartservices.com

Please read this prospectus completely to make sure you qualify. Your application fee is not refundable.

Application Deadline – Sunday, December 17, 2017 (midnight PST).  Application Fee - $50.00

1. Applications should consist of original, well-conceived, and expertly executed works, made either by hand or with appropriate tools, by the applicant, who is 18 years or older, within the last five years.

2. Submit four (4) high-resolution artwork images and one (1) booth/presentation image fully representative of work you intend to exhibit at the event. With regard to their images, artists are strongly encouraged to:

Obtain professional photography of your artwork to ensure the highest quality representation possible.

Choose pieces that are unique and exciting and are consistent in their presentation.

The booth/display image should project a professional, clean “mini-gallery” of your work.


3.  Submit an artist statement, limited to 1,000 characters, explaining your creative process, use of materials, and techniques. Artists who are making or using prints of any kind need to disclose their creative process in full.

4.  All applications must be categorized according to medium. Some artists find that their works fall into multiple categories. Please choose one of the sixteen categories that most accurately represents your artwork.

Ceramics – Objects created out of clay, earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, or terracotta.

Digital & Multi-Media Art – Images made with the primary assistance of a computer and/or featuring technological components.

Drawing – Works created using dry media charcoal, crayons, chalk, graphite, pastels, pencils, or fluid-media ink, pen, or markers.

Fiber/Textiles – 2D or 3D works created from fibers including batik, basketry, bookmaking, decorative fiber, embroidery, papermaking, quilting, sewing, tapestry, wearable art (not including jewelry), and weaving.

Furniture – Functional and/or decorative furniture made from any material.

Glass – Functional and/or sculptural objects created by blowing, casting, kiln, or molding as well as all cold-working processes. (Does not include jewelry.)

Jewelry – Artwork created with the intent to be worn as ornamentation through the fabrication of various materials. All jewelry, whether produced from beads, clay, crystal, fiber, found objects, gems, glass, metal, paper, plastic, semi-precious stones, stones, or other materials should be entered in this category.

Leather – Works hand-tooled from the rawhide of non-endangered species.

Metal – Artwork created through casting, forging, twisting, and fabricating various metals. (Does not include jewelry.)

Mixed Media 2D – Flat works on paper, canvas, clay board, panel, or other flat surfaces, that incorporate more than one type of art material.

Mixed Media 3D – Three-dimensional objects created using more than one type of material. (Does not include jewelry.)

Painting – Works produced on a flat surface using acrylic, botanical, gouache, oil, tempera, or watercolor paint media.

Photography – Works produced with the primary use of a camera. 

Printmaking – Images hand-pulled from stones, plates, glass, or screened surfaces using a printing press, roller, or hand brayer.

Sculpture – Three-dimensional work created using any medium.

Wood – Original works made from wood that are hand-tooled, machine-worked, turned, or carved.

Artists who wish to apply in multiple categories may submit separate applications, fees, and images for each medium in which they wish to be considered. An image of the same work of art will not be accepted in more than one application. Artists may submit only one application per medium.  If only one application is accepted, then only work in the media category selected may be exhibited.


  • Artwork made from or including materials or parts acquired from the killing of endangered species (exotic leathers, feathers, tusks, elephant or mammoth ivory), dried/silk flower arrangements, bonsai, or commercially made objects.
  • Artwork produced with commercial kits (e.g. molds, patterns, plans, prefabricated forms) or by other commercial or factory methods.
  • Works done by a production studio producing works  in volume.
  • Factory produced items, including but not limited to commercial clothing, candles, T-shirts, or soap.
  • Mass-produced materials of an artist’s works, including but not limited to postcards, notecards, stationery, calendars, posters, magnets, or books.  Artists who hand make notecards and/or postcards, books, and/or journals will be permitted to sell them in small quantities at GRACE’s discretion.  Prints and reproductions are allowed but only according to criteria defined in the next section.


At our Festival it is imperative that there is no misrepresentation between original fine art and reproductions of original works. “Prints” are defined as images produced by the artist through print-making techniques, such as lithography, or developing prints by use of a negative, as in photography. “Reproductions” are copies of original works also known as giclées. Artists using digital printing as a way to produce their original images must disclose their process at the time of application. We require that all artists selling prints, digital prints, and/or reproductions adhere to the following criteria: 

  • All artwork must be high-quality, fine art, and meet “archival quality” standards, printed in limited editions properly signed and numbered by the creating artist. 
  • Artists must disclose the printing process used at the time of application and have a description on display in their booths if invited to participate.
  • Photographic prints must be made from the artist’s original negative and/or image and processed under the artist’s direct supervision by a reputable service.
  •  Only limited edition prints of no more than 250 from one source, hand-pulled, signed and numbered by the artist, will be permitted.
  • Reproductions must not comprise more than 10% of the total art for sale, and must be signed, numbered, and matted.
  • All reproductions must be clearly marked “reproduction” on labels and display signs, and must be kept in a browse bin within the designated booth space.
  • No reproductions are permitted to be framed or hung within or on a booth.
  • Works digitally printed on canvas will be permitted as part of the 10% of total art for sale.


GRACE selects new jurors each year to allow for all artists, both new and returning, to have a fair review process. Each application will be digitally reviewed by a panel of three paid art professionals (And we make an effort to include at least one working artist), who are experts in the field of fine art and fine craft, as well as by members of GRACE’s professional curatorial staff.

Each application will be scored independently by each of the jurors, and each artist will be given a score from 1 – 7 based on quality, originality, craftsmanship, and overall booth display. The scores are tallied and reviewed and artists will be invited by consensus of the jurors.

GRACE reserves the right to review, approve, and reject the juror’s decisions at our discretion. All scores will be confidential and artists will not be given their individual scores or feedback on their portfolios.


All invited artists will be notified on Wednesday, January 24, 2018, via email and your Juried Art Services application will also have a color-coded indicator:

  • Green checkmark indicates invited artists
  • Yellow exclamation point indicates waitlisted artists
  • Red “x” indicates declined


GRACE will begin accepting completed forms, block requests, and payments on Wednesday, January 24, 2018. All forms, requests, and payments will be processed online and will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis (including for requested block(s)).

All invited artists will receive an electronic letter from the Greater Reston Arts Center indicating the process for accepting the invitation. The email will come from Festival Director Erica Harrison ericaharrison@restonarts.org to your email address in the Juried Art Services system.
If you change your email, it is your responsibility to access your JAS account and make sure the change is reflected before January 24.  


  • Drive-up, set-up/tear down adjacent to booth
  • Reserved artist-only parking for oversize vehicles
  • Convenient and profitable selling hours
  • Ample artist support & amenities
  • Plentiful booth sitters
  • $5,000 in awards, made by category
  • Printed program that includes full-color thumbnails for every artist with accompanying booth numbers
  • Reduced hotel rate for on-site Hyatt Hotel Reston
  • Complimentary bottled water and snacks
  • Indoor restrooms in climate-controlled, artist-only space centrally located on the property
  • 24/7 security, though artists are responsible for securing their own booth
  • Artist mentor opportunities 


The Greater Reston Arts Center also recognizes outstanding work through ten (10) Awards of Excellence in Contemporary Art. A panel of three judges knowledgeable in fine art and craft will visit each artist’s booth on Friday, May 18, beginning at 10 am carrying over into Saturday, May 19. Artists are judged on the whole body of their work, not just one piece. As the judges are viewing an artist’s booth, a mark will be placed on the booth sign to indicate that the judge has viewed that particular booth.  Judges will give each artist a score from 1- 7 based on quality, originality, consistency, and display. The scores will be tallied and artists with the highest overall score in ten different categories will be selected, to ensure all art forms are represented. The Artist Awards will be presented at the Festival Party on Saturday night.  Awardees each receive a $500 cash prize, a blue ribbon to display on their booth, and are automatically juried into the following year’s festival. Award winners must still complete an application for entry for the 2019 Festival, but the application fee will be waived. Artists and their plus-ones are our party guests are invited to attend for free. 


All booth spaces are located on asphalt and measure 10’ x 10’. All tents must be white and artist displays inside must be constructed to withstand crowds, wind, and inclement weather. This outdoor venue is subject to wind, which can be strong in this urban setting. All booths must be secured with appropriate weights to ensure stability in inclement weather.


Booth Fee: Participating artists are required to pay a $500 booth fee to secure a standard 10’x 10’ space, assigned at GRACE’s discretion absent a Block Request (see below). Additional options for larger display spaces are limited and given on a first-come, first-served basis. Fees are as follows:

  • Corner: 10’ x 10’ = $750 includes 5 additional feet of display area (a walkway) on one exterior side
  • Double: 10’ x 20’ = $1,000
  • Double with a corner: 10’ x 20’ = $1,250 includes 5 additional feet of display area (a walkway) on one exterior side.
  • Double with 2 corners: 10’ x 20’ = $1,500 includes 10 additional feet of display area on both exterior sides (one walkway on either side).

Block Request: Artists may choose to make an optional Block Request in their preferred area of the Festival footprint for an additional $100. Requests are honored on a first-come, first-served basis for artists with completed acceptance forms and payment.

Booth Assignments: Assignments will be announced two weeks before the last day for refunds on the Festival website.


Artists are allowed to utilize quiet, battery-powered lighting systems within their booths. We do not supply electricity.




FREE all weekend in the garages for artists and patrons. Reserved parking for artists available on a first-come, first-served basis for oversized artist vehicles (passes will be provided).


Drive up adjacent to booth, full day set-up. All artists must unload and relocate their vehicles prior to setting up.


In past years, estimates of 30,000 or more.


  • 62% of the artists returned their surveys
  • 75% said they were pleased with the quality of work presented
  • 98% thought the Festival was professionally run
  • 65% said they would return or recommend this event to other artists
  • 65% said they were pleased with their sales
  • 70% of the surveyed artists reported sales – below are those results
  • 25% had sales between $100 - $2,500
  • 25% sales between $2,600 – $5,000
  • 40% sales between $6,000 - $10,000
  • 10% sales between $11,000 – $20,000


The Greater Reston Arts Center is a 501(c)3 visual arts organization that annually produces the Festival, which supports our mission of enriching the community through excellence in contemporary visual arts.  The Festival is not only a marquee regional event but it is our largest generator of funds, allowing us to provide world-class art experiences to our region. This video demonstrates our commitment to the event, the dedication of our volunteers, and the support of our community to ensure, and elevate, the success of our event. We have an incredibly dedicated Board of Directors, a full complement of art professionals on staff, and the support of corporate partners, local businesses, members, educators, artists, and patrons.


I hereby submit this application to possibly become an exhibitor at the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival. I agree to abide by the Festival policies and regulations as established by the Greater Reston Arts Center.

I also warrant that the artworks submitted for jurying and the artworks to be shown were produced solely by myself, or in collaboration with the co-artist named, in the category in which I have applied. I also authorize use of the images submitted with my application or duplicates thereof for Festival publicity, documentation, or archival purposes, without charge.

I agree to grant a license to the Greater Reston Arts Center to reproduce electronically or otherwise, in limited resolution, my original artwork for a period of up to eighteen (18) months beginning January 24, 2018, all for the purpose of promoting the Center and Festival. I understand by signing this agreement, I retain full copyright of my original artwork. My images shall not be redistributed except as anticipated on the Greater Reston Arts Center website, Festival printed material, advertising, and other
Festival-related media, without the express written permission of myself and the Greater Reston Arts Center. I accept and acknowledge that the
Greater Reston Arts Center reserves the right to make final interpretation of all rules.


Erica Harrison, Festival Director
ericaharrison@restonarts.org    phone: (703) 471-9242 x 113

Mailing Address: 12001 Market Street, Suite #103 Reston, VA 20190


Juried Art Services