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A Mosaic Torah Story 3
October 16, 2018 to February 17, 2019
The Museum of Biblical Art, Dallas, Texas
  Application Opens:
Mar 26, 2018

Application Dates:
Mar 26, 2018 - Jun 30, 2018
Application Fee:
Notification Date:
Jul 30, 2018


A Mosaic Torah Story 3

Jewish Musicians

October 16, 2018 - February 17, 2019 (Tentative)


Application Dates: Now - June 30, 2018

Application Fee: $35.00 for 3 artworks/images; $5.00 for each additional works/images

Notification Date:  July 16, 2018

Work due at the Museum: July 30, 2018

Opening:  October 16, 2018- February 17, 2019


About the Museum of Biblical Art

and Description of the Show

The Museum of Biblical Art is a museum that studies the history of both Judaism and Christianity .  We do not espouse any faith, but seek to explain the history of these two faiths, their impact on the history of the world, the history of art, and upon individuals and groups.

This is strictly a fine art mosaic show viewed from a Jewish sensibility.  Strong Christian symbolism probably won't work within this theme, but use your judgement or email jmifredell@gmail.com  with questions. We invite all types of people practicing all different religions to contribute fine art mosaic works having connections to Judaism.

1.)  We are looking for works tied to Jewish music, Jewish musicians, Jewish composers, and Jewish singers.  These works can be from the Old Testament, Hebrew prayers, old or current songs, singers, and musicians (dead or alive), religious or secular music.  Any style of music may be your inspiration as long as it is written, sung, or played by a Jewish musician. For example, Irving Berlin wrote "White Christmas" and Leonard Cohen wrote "Hallelujah" and "Birds on a Wire".  Bob Dylan has written many songs on many topics from many phases in his career, including songs inspired by an interest in Christianity. Elvis Presley has a debated Jewish background (but we'll take him) and sang "Jail House Rock" and many other songs.  Marilyn Monroe, who converted to Judaism, sang "Diamonds are a Girl's best Friend".  The list is endless.  You may include Classical, Jazz, Big Band, Standards, Rock and Roll, Punk Rock, Country, Folk, and more.

2.)  If you prefer, you may choose any theme that you find in the Old Testament or what we call the Jewish Bible.  Any holiday, any story, any symbol of Judaism that inspires your work is acceptable.  Any period of history would also be acceptable.

3.)  Your work can be realistic, representational, abstract, traditional or modern.  It can be landscape, still life, portrait. street life, anything that works the Jewish History, Old Testament or Music Theme.  Work must have been made within the last 4 years. 

CRITICAL to the acceptance of works into this show is an Artist Statement that specifically ties the mosaic work to the theme of this show.  If accepted, your work must stay for the entire DURATION of the show. 


THIS IS EXCLUSIVELY A MOSAIC FINE ART SHOW. Any tesserae is accepted as is any technique as long as it falls under a mosaic heading.

This includes stone, tile, mosaic glass smalti, stained glass, vitreous glass tile, crash glass, picassiette (broken china), pebbles, even some painted surfaces are accepted, but the MAJORITY of the surface must be actual mosaic. 

Both International and National applications will be encouraged and accepted.  Prices for the art work must be in US dollars and include a 50% commission for the Museum of Biblical Art, so set your prices accordingly.  Shipping costs and insurance must be paid by the invited artists to and from the show.  The Museum provides insurance for all art work for the duration of the show.

Artists are not required to sell their work in order to be a part of this exhibition.  Prices or NFS will be listed in an accompanying brochure for all works as museums are not allowed to post prices next to artwork.  If sold, the museum will receive a 50% commission, so please price your work in USA dollars and include the museum's commission in your price.

Work must be completed within the last 4 years.

Artist is solely responsible for the insurance, shipping, and handling costs both to and from the Museum of Biblical Art.  The Museum has insurance for the art during the show, but you must arrange for the insurance during the shipping. This can often be done through your homeowner’s insurance or the shipping company.

Show will be curated by:

Scott Peck:  Museum Director, Curator, and Juror- Website: Biblicalarts.org

Jamie Pink:  Curator, Concept developer, and Juror- Website: JamiePink on Behance - email jmifredell@gmail.com

Shug Jones:  Curator and Juror: Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ShugJonesMosaics/

Julie Dilling :  Curator and Juror: Website: Juliedilling@icloud.com


Up to 5 works may be submitted.  Overall size may be no larger than 48 inches wide and high.  Sculpture should be Circular or shaped work must fit within those measurements.  No art work should weigh more than 70 pounds.  Unstable sculptures will not be exhibited.

Museum Hours:

Wednesday - Saturday  11:00-5:00pm

Sunday  1:00-5:00

  Application Opens: Mar 26, 2018



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