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The 38th Annual American Craft Exposition
September 29, 2022 to October 2, 2022
Chicago, IL
  Application Opens:
May 4, 2022

Application Dates:
May 4, 2022 - Jun 29, 2022
Application Fee:
Notification Date:
May 4, 2022

Application coming soon. Deadlines and Results dates are not firm. Event dates are confirmed.

The 38th Annual
American Craft Exposition (ACE)


The 38th Annual American Craft Exposition (ACE), is a juried exhibition and sale presented by The Auxiliary of NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore).

Proceeds from ACE will support an initiative entitled “SAVE MOMS,” which aims to use advanced solutions to protect and preserve maternal health at NorthShore University HealthSystem.

Deadline for Applications
Deadline for Applications: TBD


Emerging Artists
To encourage the participation of craftsmen who are beginning their careers, an Emerging Artist category is available. This option is open only to those who have been practicing their craft for six years or less and who have never exhibited at ACE. If you choose to apply as an emerging artist, you must do so exclusively. The application procedure and fees are the same as for other applicants. However, those who check the emerging artist category will be juried separately from the other applicants. If you are accepted as an Emerging Artist into the virtual online ACE 2021 show, your roll-over application for ACE 2022 will be placed in your media category and not as an Emerging Artist again.

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Pop ups
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The American Craft Exposition is open to all artists who are residents of and working in the United States. Work must be produced in the U.S. by the craftsmen or under their personal supervision. Work should be made by hand or with appropriate tools. Eligible media categories include baskets, ceramics, fiber decorative, fiber wearable, furniture, glass, fine/precious jewelry, contemporary/semi-precious jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, paper and wood. Categories not accepted: fine arts such as painting, photography, lithography, etc., except when incorporated into an otherwise acceptable craft category; dried flower arrangements; pressed flowers; seed and pod decorations; cut bottles and embellished objects such as painted boxes, weather boards, shells, buttons, decorated furniture and handmade reproductions. Objects made from commercial kits or commercially available plans are also not acceptable.


Media Categories:
The function of the work rather than the material should determine the media.


BASKETS: Functional and sculptural work; material used is woven or plaited.

CERAMICS: Functional and sculptural work; primary material is clay.

FIBER DECORATIVE: Wall hangings, quilts, rugs, etc.; primary material is fiber.

FIBER WEARABLE: Work that is primarily intended to be worn.

FURNITURE: Work that has the primary function of furniture. All materials are included.

GLASS: Functional and sculptural work; primary material is glass.

FINE/PRECIOUS JEWELRY: Work which has the primary function as jewelry; material used is platinum, gold, sterling silver, precious gems.

CONTEMPORARY/SEMI-PRECIOUS JEWELRY: Work which has the primary function as jewelry; material used is metal, enamel, glass, paper, fiber/fabric/felt, polymers, clay, wood, leather, recycled materials.

LEATHER: Functional, wearable and sculptural work; primary material is leather.

METAL: Functional and sculptural work; primary material is metal.

MIXED MEDIA: Work which is the union of two or more media.

PAPER: Functional and sculptural work; primary material is handmade paper.

WOOD: Functional and sculptural work; primary material is wood.

A craftsman who wishes to apply in different media categories must submit applications in each category. If only one application is accepted, only work in that category may be exhibited. More than one application in the same media category is not acceptable. We reserve the right to place a craftsman in another media category. An artist may bring up to 10% of items from a different category; however, the different items must be done in the same media (i.e., an artist who has juried in under the wood category may bring wood jewelry). A slide of this work must have been included in the artist’s application.

Application and Fees:

Acceptance Information:


Virtual Online ACE 2021 Show:
No virtual booth fees and no commission is taken on sales.
Artists accepted into the virtual online ACE 2021 show are not required to have or create a specific e-commerce website separate from the tools you currently use to do business online. We are planning exciting ways to promote accepted artists’ work on our ACE website and across social media in the months leading up to our original show weekend of September 24 – 26, 2021.

Contact Information



Office Phone: (224) 364-7270  
Office Fax: (224) 364-7245

Written correspondence should be addressed to:

American Craft Exposition
c/o The Auxiliary of NorthShore
1033 University Place, Suite 450
Evanston, IL  60201


Show Director Chair:

Leslie Sevcik
(847) 363-1893

2021 Show Co-Chairs:

Kathy Gianaras
(708) 284-1850

Alexis Washa
(847) 420-2787


  Application Opens: May 4, 2022



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