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The Art of Sherlock Holmes - USA EDITION 1
September 30, 2019 to October 1, 2019
USA (HQ in West Palm Beach)
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Application Dates:
Jan 4, 2019 - Feb 28, 2019
Application Fee:
Late App. Dates:
Mar 1 - Mar 07, 2019
Additional Late Fee:
Notification Date:
Mar 30, 2019

The Art of Sherlock Holmes – USA EDITION 1

MX Publishing invites fine artists to apply for inclusion in the first USA Edition of The Art of Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes holds the Guinness World Record for the most portrayed character on screen and has millions of fans around the world. MX Publishing is the world’s largest Holmes publisher with over 100 authors writing new stories featuring Holmes and Watson.

Sherlock’s popularity has escalated in recent years with BBC Sherlock, the Warner Brothers movies and CBS Elementary introducing the character to a whole new generation of fans.

Now we are bringing the world’s most famous detective together with the art world with an exciting new USA project – The Art of Sherlock Holmes - conceived and curated by Sherlockian author, Phil Growick.

In each edition a collection of stories from leading Holmes authors are paired up with artists from a all over the country who create a piece of art reflecting the story. The hardcase full color books will be sold worldwide and the art within will be marketed through global merchandising.

The line-up for the first volume, from West Palm Beach, is complete including several renowned artists and authors and will be published in May 2019 with an exhibition at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens in West Palm Beach – and now we are expanding to USA editions.

The Art of Sherlock Holmes – USA  EDITION 1 will be published in September 2019.
This is a unique experience for artists to bring their art to a worldwide audience.

Vetting Process
It should go without saying that you are submitting your artwork, and yours alone.  Should you be accepted to the project, you, as the artist, will be allocated a Sherlock Holmes short story and will have a number of months to complete a piece of art inspired by the story. If the artwork is not completed by the deadline date then the artist will be removed from the edition. 

The panel will review quality, originality and presentation of artwork in comparison with other applicants in the same media category. The images you submit as well as your website will be viewed for artist selection. If you are not accepted to this edition, feel free to try again. Not all applicants are selected for the edition, and the art selection panel's decisions are final. 

Application Fees
The application fee is $35.00. An artist may apply in more than one category, but can ultimately only appear once in the edition.  If an artist is accepted in two categories, the panel will ask the artist to decide in which category he/she prefers, and then will invite the artist to appear in that category only; each artist's space in the edition is for one piece of art aligned to one story.  Applying in two categories requires two separate applications, and therefore two separate application fees.  Please consider this before applying in two categories.

ALL artwork must fit the criteria for one of the following categories and have been completed within the last four years. Entries in more than one category require separate applications. All artwork, of course, must be produced by the artist named in this application.

In all categories, 90% of artwork must be original; only 10% of all work can be prints, reproductions, giclées, OR original art in one other category. A print must be an original piece by the artist and signed/numbered.

  • Digital Art: digitally or partially digitally generated art, including digital art that is embellished with paint or other techniques and photographs that are significantly altered using digital/computer techniques. Must be numbered individually.
  • Painting oil and acrylic: only 10% of all work can be prints, including giclée prints.  Must be numbered individually.
  • Watercolor: includes gouache. Only 10% of all work can be prints, including giclée prints.  Must be numbered individually.

Selected Artists must submit hi-res photo of the artwork for reproduction. Artist maintains all rights to the original artwork and the full price if sold. 

Note: If the artist would like their artwork to appear in the gallery during the exhibition in September 2019 then the artist must arrange for the delivery of their art (and collection back from the gallery if not sold) to the gallery for the exhibition. The art will appear in all version of the book alongside the story for which it is created and on merchandising (from which the artist will get a share of the sale proceeds for the merchandise that carries their artwork).

You’ll be sharing all royalties equally with the other artists and authors, not only from the sales of the books. And if your art is chosen by order, global merchandising well.

All selected artists and authors have an equal share of 10% of the  retail price of each edition (meaning split 30 ways).

The artists also receive 50% of the net proceeds from merchandising and licensing of the items that carry their art (pricing not finalized, as yet). 

About the Book
The Art of Sherlock Holmes, USA Edition 1 is truly unique.
While there have been literally hundreds of Holmes pastiches and novels, there never has been a volume where Holmes short stories will be interpreted by the most accomplished artists in the United States.

However the artists must be painters.

There will be fifteen Holmes short stories, ten to twenty pages long, and you will have the opportunity to create your own art with your vision of what your story represents. Each artist will be assigned one author’s story.

Whether your interpretation is in the form of abstract, contemporary, realist, minimalist, symbolism, or an amalgam of various forms, each piece of art created should be unique, hypnotic, mesmerizing and unforgettable. Each created specifically to express the essence of each incredible Holmes story.

The fifteen stories will range from the impossibly baffling (except for Holmes) to the humorous, paranormal, or simply intellectually intricate. You’ll be presented with murder, theft, treason, betrayal, love, loss and greed. All the ingredients to make an intoxicating Holmes meal of mystery.

Opposite your art, you’ll have a short bio, your website (in case buyers are interested in contacting you for a purchase) and the size of the piece and the medium in which you painted.

The Art of Sherlock Holmes, USA EDITION 1 will be presented in an 8 ½ x 11 format in three different types: Premium (an ultra-grade of paper), Standard (standard grade of paper) and an eBook format.MX Publishing is the world’s largest publisher of Sherlock Holmes novels in the world, offering its publications on such sites as Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble, to name just a few.


About MX Publishing
MX Publishing is the world’s largest publisher of Sherlock Holmes novels in the world, offering its publications on such sites as Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble, to name just a few.

Finally, the publisher and the Creator and Curator of The Art of Sherlock Holmes, will be donating ten percent of the net profits to the following charities.                   

Happy Life, Nairobi, Kenya

Stepping Stones School, Surrey, England

The American Cancer Society

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