9th Annual Naples Fall Fine Art and Craft Festival
November 24, 2012 to November 25, 2012
Naples, Florida
Application Dates
Jun 1 to Sep 5 '12
Application Fee
(see prospectus for details)
Notification Date
Sep 19, 2012


Festival Prospectus

9th Annual Naples Fall Fine Art and Craft Festival
November 24-25, 2012
Naples, Florida
100% Outdoors

Hosted by the Naples Art Association, this Thanksgiving weekend festival features approximately 110 artists and is a wonderful kick-off to the holiday shopping season. Now in its 9th year, this show has earned a reputation for quality artwork, strong promotion strategy, easy layout for artists and guests, visibility from a major roadway, and an artist-friendly environment. Because of the timing around Thanksgiving, this festival draws local attendees who bring out-of-town guests. Fine art collectors are in abundance in addition to attendees who are looking to complete their holiday shopping lists.

The mission of the Naples Art Association is to promote and advance education, interest and participation in the contemporary visual arts. Festivals hosted by the Naples Art Association provide the primary funding source for the education and related programs at The von Liebig Art Center.

To apply, visit www.juriedartservices.com.

Contact Information

Marianne Megela, Festival Director

Naples Art Association at

The von Liebig Art Center

585 Park Street

Naples, FL 34102

239-262-6517 x103

Cell: 239-580-7999



Important Dates and Deadlines

  • September 5, 2012 Application Deadline at Juried Art Services
  • September 14, 2012 Jury Session Begins
  • September 19, 2012 Status Notification Available at www.juriedartservices.com.
  • IMPORTANT: October 3, 2012 Deadline for Booth Fee payment for accepted artists
  • October 17, 2012 Deadline: Full Refund
  • October 25, 2012 Artist Information emailed
  • October 31, 2012 Deadline: 50% Refund less $25 Admin Fee
  • November 1, 2012 No Refund Deadline

November 24-25, 2012 Naples Fall Fine Art and Craft Festival

Festival Eligibility

  1. Artwork must be original in design and executed by the artist.
  2. Art teams and/or collaborators that produce a single product may qualify as a single exhibitor. Such a team may not consist of more than two people. If you enter as an artist team or collaboration, it must be clearly noted on the application and the collaborative effort must be clearly defined in the artist statement.
  3. No work by apprentices or employees will be accepted.
  4. Buy/sell vendors are strictly prohibited.
  5. Artwork created from commercial molds, kits, or other commercial methods or artwork produced in studios involved in volume production will not be permitted.
  6. Work made from ready-made items like clothing, glassware, furniture, etc. with painted, dyed or added embellishments will not be accepted.
  7. No work on display may be copies of masters, advertisements, or widely circulated photographs.
  8. No posters, laser prints, t-shirts, postcards, calendars, candles or other promotional items will be permitted.

Festival Policies

  1. Acceptance is non-transferable.
  2. Naples Fall Fine Art and Craft Festival is a drug-free and alcohol-free environment.
  3. Accepted artists must be present and exhibit during all festival hours. No agents or representatives are permitted as a substitute for the accepted artists’ attendance.
  4. Any artist closing his/her booth prior to the end of the show will not be permitted to return the next day or in subsequent years.
  5. Only artwork or crafts in the category accepted through the jury process are allowed to be exhibited.
  6. Discount/sales signs, ribbons and awards from other shows are not allowed.
  7. Each exhibitor is responsible for collecting and remitting 6% sales tax to the Florida Department of Revenue.

Reproduction and Limited Edition Prints Policy

Fine art reproductions must be clearly and individually labeled as a limited edition which is signed and numbered on the front of each piece. The method of reproduction and brief process description must be on the back. Browse bins may be used, but reproductions may not be mixed with originals. Framed reproductions may be hung on one wall not to exceed a total of ten linear feet. No laser prints or photo copies permitted.

Limited Edition Prints are printed works for which the artist hand manipulates the plates, stones or screens and which have been properly signed and numbered as a limited edition. These hand pulled prints are considered to be originals. Printmakers are encouraged to identify their process.

Jury and Exhibit Space Fees

$25 Jury Fee (non-refundable)

$300 Exhibit Space Fee (deposited upon acceptance)

Application Process

All applications will be processed online through Juried Art Services (JAS) at www.juriedartservices.com. Juried Art Services is free to participating artists and includes a detailed introductory tutorial. After reviewing our prospectus and the JAS Tutorial, if you have any questions contact us via email or phone, and we will assist you with the process of applying to our festivals.

When applying in two categories, work in each must be substantially different. Four images of the work and 1 of the display must be submitted for each category. A separate jury fee is required for each category.

Online jury payments are processed directly by the Naples Art Association through a secure payment system and email confirmation of your payment will be sent by the Art Association. Please follow online payment instructions when paying your jury fee with a credit card. Your jury fee payment will be posted to JAS within three days after you submit your application. All questions or concerns regarding the payment of your fees should be directed to the art center accounting office at 239-262-6517 x120.

If paying by check (US currency only) please send via US mail no later than 14 days after the submission of your online application. Applications will not be forwarded to the jury process unless the jury fee is paid in full. The non-refundable jury fee check will be deposited upon receipt.

All checks are to be made payable to “Naples Art Association” and sent to:

Festivals Department

Naples Fall Fine Art and Craft Festival 2012

585 Park Street

Naples, FL 34102

Please note the festival title on your check.

Exhibit Space

Spaces are 10’ X 10’ and work must be contained within the assigned space. You may not infringe on another space physically or audibly. Exhibitors must have a white tent unless exempted by festival director. All tables must be skirted to the ground. Only one artist’s work may be displayed per booth. Artist must keep their area clean and orderly. Double spaces are considered.

Special booth space or special needs requests will be accepted but not guaranteed. We will make every effort to meet all special requests on a first come, first served basis. Additional charges may apply. Please email us if you have any special needs or considerations.

During the festival, all exhibits will be visited by a committee member to ensure that they are in compliance with our festival policies. It is our exclusive right and responsibility to remove work that is not in compliance. Non-compliance may result in expulsion from the festival or refusal of future festival participation. The Naples Fall Fine Art and Craft Festival is a family-oriented event, and exhibits must be in keeping with this atmosphere. We take pride in our quality and established reputation.

Jury and Selection Process

Our jurors’ panel consists of several independent jurors selected for their in-depth knowledge and experience in multiple mediums. A diversity of backgrounds and skills are sought, including working artists, educators, fine art and craft gallery owners, and museum directors/curators. A new panel of jurors is selected each year to allow for a fresh perspective.

Exhibitor selections are based on quality of workmanship, originality, and artistic conception. All applications are assigned a number and are viewed anonymously. An equal number of spaces are allotted for each category based on the total number of booths available for the festival. The artists accepted into each category are based on their total combined score of the jurors. The top scoring artists within each category are invited to participate in the show. Selections by the jury are final.

Notification and Booth Fee Payment

Once the jury process is complete, all artists will receive an email from Juried Art Services (JAS) directing the artist to log into their JAS account to check the status of their application. Please keep your email up to date with JAS to receive this information in a timely manner.

Notification of status will be available at Juried Art Services on September 19, 2012. If accepted to the festival, you must submit the acceptance form by clicking the link available in your notification letter. If waitlisted, you are required to submit the waitlist acceptance form by clicking the link available in your notification letter.

Once you have completed and submitted the acceptance form, accepted artists will be required to submit their booth fee payment by the deadline date of October 3, 2012 for participation. If the booth fee is not received by the deadline date, the artist may forfeit his/her participation in the festival.

Online credit card payments are processed directly by the Naples Art Association through a secure payment system. Please follow online payment instructions when paying your booth fee. Confirmation of your payment will be sent by email from the Art Association. All questions or concerns regarding the payment of your fees should be directed to our accounting office at 239-262-6517 x120.

If paying with a check (US Currency only) please send via US mail no later than 14 days after the notification date (9/19/12). Include artist’s name and name of festival on your check.

All checks are to be made payable to “Naples Art Association” and sent to:

Festivals Department

Naples Fall Fine Art and Craft Festival 2012

585 Park Street

Naples, FL 34102

If you have any questions regarding status notification or our payment process please contact us.


Ceramics, Fiber/Leather, Furniture, Glass, Graphics/Printmaking, Jewelry, Metal, Mixed Media 2D, Mixed Media 3D, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Wood.

Ceramics – Original shaped and fired clay (including earthenware, porcelain, stoneware and terracotta), excluding jewelry. May not be machine-made, mass produced or used as an embellishment on another medium. (For example, a leather handbag with clay balls for decoration.)

Digital Art – Signed, original work created by the artist using a computer, printed with archival quality materials. This category includes scanned images of the artist’s original photography work that have been significantly manipulated or enhanced into the final piece. Art that could not have been created without digital technology.

Fiber/Leather – Original work created by the artist from fibers or leather including batik, basketry, weaving, quilt-making, books, paper-making and fine wearables. No tie dye or factory produced items are permitted.

Furniture – Original work in any material which is functional as a piece of furniture.

Glass – Original work created in glass by the artist including blown glass, fused glass or stained glass. Excludes jewelry.

Graphics/Printmaking – Original two-dimensional work including graphite, charcoal, chalk, pastels, wax crayon, inks, and washes. Also, prints manually created by the artist using plates, stones or screens which have been signed and numbered.

Jewelry – All jewelry, whether the work is produced from metal, glass, clay, fiber, paper, plastic or other materials, must be entered in this category. No commercial cast, molds or production studio work is allowed.

Metal – Original, non-jewelry metal work created by the artist without use of a production studio.

Mixed Media 2D – Includes collage and handmade paper; incorporates more than one type of material and has a relief depth of less than 1/8 inch.

Mixed Media 3D – Original, non-functional work which combines more than one material or media and exceeds 1/8 inch depth.

Painting – Original, two-dimensional work created with pigment, including oils, acrylics, watercolor, egg tempura, casein, alkud, etc.

Photography – Signed prints created by the artist from his/her own original negative or digital files that have been processed by that artist or under the artist’s direct supervision.

Sculpture – Original three-dimensional work created by shaping stone, or any other hard material.

Wood – Original hand-tooled, machine worked, built-up, turned or carved work in wood.

Artist Statement

An Artist Statement describing the technique, materials, and processes used in the creation of your entire body of work must be included with each entry. Co-artists must describe the collaboration. Your Artist Statement may be used in the promotion of the festival through public relations efforts and should be no longer than a maximum of 1000 characters (including punctuation and spacing).

Wait List Policy

A wait list is selected from the jury's scores in each category, and wait listed artists are invited as cancellations occur in that particular category. Wait list artists can be accepted up to and on the day of the show and will be notified by phone when a booth becomes available.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellations must be made in written form and submitted by mail or email. Emails should be sent to the Festival Director at marianne.megela@naplesart.org.

Cancellations prior to October 17, 2012 will receive a full refund. Thereafter, a 50% refund less $25 Admin Fee is available until October 31, 2012. No refunds after November 1, 2012. No refunds will be made for any act of God, local authority or weather related cancellations of the event.

No Show Policy

Artists who have not registered and/or called 239-580-7999 (leave message) by 7:00 am Saturday (first day of festival) will be considered a NO SHOW and the assigned space will be forfeited with no refund. Exhibitors who do not show and do not cancel will not be re-invited.

Artist Agreement

I hereby submit this application to become an exhibitor in Naples Fall Fine Art and Craft Festival. I agree to abide by the festival policies and regulations as established by the Festival Committee and the City of Naples.

By submitting this application, applicant hereby and forever discharges the Naples Fall Fine Art and Craft Festival, the Naples Art Association, and the City of Naples, of and from all manner of actions, suits, and damages, claims and demands, whatsoever in law or equity, from any loss and damage to the undersigned’s property while in the possession, supervision or auspices of the Naples Fall Fine Art and Craft Festival, the Naples Art Association, the City of Naples, their agents, representatives or employees. In the event that the “Festival” is interrupted or prevented without contributory fault or negligence of either party because of war, act of God, fire, national or local calamity, riot or civil disorder, any act or regulation of public authorities, or any unforeseen occurrence or labor dispute, including strike or lockout of employees, then obligations of the parties shall be suspended to the extent made necessary, but no refund shall be due or payable to the artist from the Naples Art Association for any fees paid. Neither the Artist nor the “Festival” shall be liable to the other for any damages caused thereby.

I also warrant that the artworks submitted for jurying and the artworks to be shown were produced, solely by myself or in collaboration with the co-artist in the category in which selected. I also authorize use of the images submitted with my application or duplicates thereof for festival publicity, documentation or archival purposes.

I agree to grant a license to the Naples Art Association to reproduce electronically, in limited resolution, my original artwork for a period of up to eighteen (18) months beginning September, 2012. I understand by signing this agreement, I retain full copyright of my original artwork. My images shall not be redistributed except as anticipated on the Web site, festival printed material, advertising and other festival-related media, without the express written permission of myself and the Naples Art Association.

The Naples Art Association reserves the right to make final interpretation of all rules.