45th Southern Watercolor Society Annual Juried Exhibition
April 14, 2022 to May 13, 2022
Art Center Manatee, 209 9th Street West, Bradenton, FL
Application Dates
Nov 4, 2021 - Jan 15, 2022
Application Fee
$35.00 application fee
$65.00 dues ($30.00) + application fee ($35.00)
Notification Date
Feb 1, 2022



  P   R   O   S   P   E   C   T   U   S

45th Southern Watercolor Society
Annual Juried Exhibition 2022

Exhibition Dates: April 14 – May 13, 2022

Application Dates: Nov 4, 2021 - Jan 15, 2022, Application Fee: $35.00 application fee $65.00 dues ($30.00) + application fee ($35.00), Notification Date: Feb 5, 2022


Artists participating in the juried competition must be 2022 members of the Southern Watercolor Society and reside in the District of Columbia or one of the following southern states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia or West Virginia. Members in good standing who have moved from these states remain eligible. Dues are $30.00 and may be paid online at .

Also, at the end of the online application, applicants will have the choice of paying the application fee plus membership dues ($65.00), or only the application fee ($35.00) if membership dues have already been paid.


ArtCenter Manatee, 209 9th Street West, Bradenton, FL 34205

Contact Person: Angie Lukas, Exhibit & Engagement Coordinator, 941-746-2862

Ken Call has achieved signature status with AWS, NWS, MTWS, MOWS, IWS along with becoming a TWSA Master in 2017. He has won numerous awards including thirty National and International Best in Shows, and his work has been featured in Watercolor Artist, American Artist Watercolor and most recently, the march issue of The Art of Watercolour. The workshop day will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. with an hour for lunch and will be held on April 12, 13, and 14, 2022 at ArtCenter Manatee (ACM). Each day will begin with a demonstration showing a different technique and approach to figure and portrait painting. On the first day, you will bring something of your own to paint, regardless of subject matter. On the second day, you will paint from reference photos of people supplied by Ken that will be emailed to you about two weeks before the workshop. As Ken’s specialty is painting people, he encourages everyone to try to paint a figure or portrait on the third day. All images should be drawn prior to the workshop where Ken will be available to assist anyone with their drawing preparation. Based on the intimate dance of light and color, Ken will show you how to bring your paintings to life while using your own personal vision and experiences. Comprehensive portrait and figure painting will be featured in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. You will have the opportunity to work with your own personal favorite subject matter as well as reference photos provided by the instructor. There will be daily demos and plenty of one-on-one instruction for all who desire.

 The 3-day workshop is $399. Workshop information, application and payment are on the Southern Watercolor Society’s website under the “Exhibition Menu.”

If you have questions, contact Kathy Simon-McDonald, SW Exhibition and Workshop Coordinator, 631-413-0370.


Cash awards and merchandise awards will exceed $10,000 this year.  
Best of Show - $2,000, Platinum - $1,750, Gold ‐ $1,500, Silver ‐ $1,250,
Bronze ‐ $1000.

This exhibition will hang at ArtCenter Manatee (ACM).

January 15, 2022 ‐ Application entry deadline
January 22 ‐ Juror Receives images for selection into the exhibition
February 5 ‐ Accept / Decline notifications via Juried Arts Services (JAS)
March 21 to April 1 ‐ Shipped works to arrive at ACM
April 9 (9am -12pm) Hand‐delivered works accepted a ACM
April 14 – May 13 ‐ Exhibition Dates                                                        
April 11 
‐ Juror’s Selection of Awards                                                      
April 12, 13, 14  
‐ Ken Call Workshop
April 14 5-7pm  ‐ Members Meeting, Reception and Awards Ceremony
May 14 (9am – 12pm) ‐ Pick‐up of hand‐delivered work
Beginning May 17 ‐ Works packed for return shipping


       1. Paintings must be original in composition / design and not copies of other artist’s work, including photographs by persons other than the artist. Paintings started or completed under supervision in a workshop are not eligible to enter.

      2. Paintings are limited to water‐based media, painted on paper, watercolor board or YUPO, unvarnished, (no  water soluble oil or pastel products).

        3. Collage is acceptable if it consists only of paper painted by the artist (no newsprint, photos, digital images, giclées, 3‐D objects, gold leaf or metal).

      4. Image size showing through the mat may be no smaller than 140 square inches. Framed size maximum is 44” in either direction (see below).

      5. All works must have been completed after January, 2020 and not have been accepted into previous SW exhibitions.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in return and/or disqualification. In the event a painting is received damaged the artist will be notified for further actions to be taken. 

Painting image a minimum of 140, as viewed within the mat opening.  An image painted exactly to the edge of 140 (eg. 10x14) paper can be floated within a larger mat opening.

White or light neutral (no colors or black) with painting image visible within the opening of the mat.

Maximum overall size of frame cannot exceed 44” x 44”.

Maximum width of the frame molding cannot exceed one and one-half (1.5) inches. Simple, smooth, flat profile in undecorated metal or wood. Color can be black, white, gold, silver, and natural wood.

Painting must be protected with Plexiglas or an acrylic glazing sheet. NO glass. NO “saw tooth” hangers.



       1. Accepted paintings must be shipped in a reusable box via UPS or FedEx including PREPAID return shipping labels. Return labels must include a bar code.

       2. Shipping artwork in Airfloat, U‐LINE or Master Pack boxes is strongly recommended. A reusable box made for shipping a painting is required. NO wooden boxes. NO screws or nails. NO peanuts.

Please print your name boldly on the outer flap for easy recognition for packing.

      3. Please place a copy of your accepted image on the inside lid of your shipping box.

      4. Shipped work requires a $25 Handling Fee. Please make a check out to: ArtCenter Manatee. Include your check in your shipping container with the prepaid return label.

         5. Ship to:

ArtCenter Manatee
C/O Angela Lukas
209 9th Street West
Bradenton, FL 34205



Submission of the entry shall serve as an agreement by the artist that all conditions in this prospectus have been met. SW reserves the right to refuse, upon arrival, any painting of unacceptable quality or damaged in shipment. A painting that does not match its submitted digital image or doesn’t meet the presentation guidelines of this prospectus will be returned. Any SW member who attempts to influence, intimidate and/or harass a judge, exhibitor, Board member, or exhibition committee member can be banned from the current show and from future entry into SW exhibitions by a vote of the Board. The juror’s decision will be final for the accepted paintings as will be the judge’s decision for awards. The Southern Watercolor Society (SW) and its officers and the ArtCenter Manateeand its representatives and employees are released and discharged of any and all claims made by damage or loss of the painting while in the possession of SW or ACM. Each artist must carry his/her own insurance for shipping and/or damage during the exhibit. Images of selected art will be used in the SW catalog, for publicity, for educational purposes and on the organizations’ websites at the discretion of the SW Board. No work accepted for the SW Annual Exhibition may be withdrawn prior to close of the exhibit.

Suspension of membership privileges for one year will be enforced for the following:

1. Failure to submit an accepted painting

2. Painting is not an original

3. Submission of artwork other than the one that was juried into the SW Exhibition

4. Submission of a painting already accepted in a previous SW show



Artists with dues paid for may submit up to two painting images with a non‐refundable entry fee of $35. No more than one painting per entrant will be selected for this exhibition. Acceptance into three exhibitions earns Artist Signature Membership (SW). Acceptance into ten exhibitions earns Life Membership (LM pays no dues).


•  Submit the highest quality image in JPEG format • Resolution: 72 dpi minimum, 300 dpi maximum (ideal)

  • Minimum of 1400 pixels on the Shortest side & Maximum 4000 pixels on the Longest side
  • Size not to exceed: 5 MB
  • Crop out all matting
  • Correctly orient the image as viewed, vertically or horizontally. If you need assistance
  • Correctly orient the image as viewed, vertically or horizontally. 
  • Rename the image with the entry number 1 or 2 and the correct title for the painting (1‐Joyful Smiles). Since the image will be uploaded to your Juried Art Services (JAS) account, do not add your name. JAS will assign an identification number. SW reserves the right to reject any juried painting that is noticeably different from the JPEG image or does not comply with entry specifications.


All entry applications will be submitted online through Juried Art Services (JAS). A link to the application can be found at . To make this process easy, first prepare your images for uploading. Then click on the JAS logo to obtain the SW application. Set up or log into your account with JAS. Once that is done, fill out and submit your application to the 45th Southern Watercolor Society Annual Juried Exhibition for 2022. Submit your $35.00 application fee via PayPal or submit your $65.00 membership dues plus application fee via PayPal. Look for the drop-down box when paying to make the right choice.

For JAS Technical Assistance, contact  

SW Data Administrator: Michele Tabor Kimbrough: Phone: 850-557-0655 or email: 

ArtCenter Manatee will charge a 35% commission on all sales of artwork.