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Mosaic Arts International 2017: Site-Specific
April 27, 2017 to June 15, 2017
Janice Charach Gallery
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Application Dates:
Dec 8, 2016 - Jan 9, 2017
Application Fee:
Late App. Dates:
Jan 10 - Jan 13, 2017
Additional Late Fee:
Notification Date:
Jan 27, 2017

Mosaic Arts International 2017: Site-Specific Mosaic

SAMA’s Annual International Juried Exhibition

An Exhibition in Print and Online

April 27 – June 15, 2017


The Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) invites artists working in mosaic media to submit applications to Mosaic Arts International (MAI) 2017. Held in conjunction with SAMA's annual conference, the juried exhibit presents the best in contemporary site-specific mosaics from SAMA's diverse international membership. Site-Specific Mosaic is a segment of the Mosaic Arts International 2017 exhibition series which includes a juried fine art segment and an invitational segment to be presented at the Janice Charach Gallery, West Bloomfield, MI. 

The Site-specific Exhibition will be presented through images featured in the 2017 Mosaic Arts International Catalog and in a dedicated image gallery on the SAMA Website, americanmosaics.org. The 2017 Conference, The American Mosaic Summit, will feature a presentation during the event that discusses the work of the Site-Specific Mosaic Exhibition.

Mosaic Arts International unites compelling materials, innovative design, and masterful technique currently explored by a selection of the best international artists working in the medium. The Society of American Mosaic Artists is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and promoting excellence in mosaic arts. 




December 1, 2016                                        Digital Submission Period opens on www.juriedartservices.com

January 13, 2017                                          Digital Submission Deadline ($45 entry fee through 1/10/2017, $50 late entry fee 1/11-13/2017)

January 27, 2017                                          Notification of selection e-mailed

April 30, 2017                                                Exhibition published on SAMA Website

May 3, 2017                                                 Exhibition Discussion at American Mosaic Summit (accepted artists in attendance invited to participate)


Selection Process

The choices of the selected entries are solely decided by the juror. SAMA Board Members and/or Staff facilitate the administrative aspects of the jury process and in no way influence the outcomes. The decisions of the juror are final.



Susan Goldberg, AIA:  Florida, USA

 Susan Goldberg, AIA, is the Deputy Director of the City of Hollywood (Florida) Community Redevelopment Agency. Susan is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and the US Green Building Council as a LEED Green Associate. She oversees the design and construction management of $100M in infrastructure capital improvement projects within the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency District. The projects cover a broad range of public facilities and infrastructure improvements to strategically eliminate slum and blight and build momentum for private sector investment.

Susan designed the $13M renovation of the Historic Hollywood Broadwalk and led the multi-agency coastal permitting and construction management of this award-winning project. She is versed in seamlessly introducing new construction into environmentally sensitive and historically significant areas. In 2013, the Hollywood Broadwalk received the American Planning Association’s Award for one of the 10 Great Public Spaces in the United States. In 2015, Susan received the AIA Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Chapter, Government Service Award for her role as an architect in the public sector.

As the City of Hollywood positions itself for a new commuter rail station, Susan is currently leading a multidisciplinary team to develop a transit-ready corridor and support the City's application for an $18M grant from Broward County to fund these improvements.

Susan has over three decades of design experience bridging the public and private sector.  Susan received her Master of Architecture degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics and Environmental Sciences from the State University of New York at Albany.


Awards - Totaling $1,000

Best Site-specific Project - $500: work that exemplifies excellence in design and installation methods. Sustaining harmony and timelessness with the surrounding architecture and environment.

Best Community Project - $500: work that exemplifies excellence in design and installation methods. Representative of the community and organization for whom and where it is installed. 



Open to all current SAMA members, age 18 and over. Applications will not be accepted by SAMA until membership status is verified. (Dues may be paid on the SAMA website, www.americanmosaics.org, if applicant is not a current SAMA member or if membership term will expire prior to time of submission.) Only one accepted work per artist will be exhibited for the Site-specific Mosaic Exhibition. Artists may also separately submit works to the Fine Art Exhibition and could potentially have work accepted to each of the MAI juried exhibitions for 2017. In the instance that a submitted mosaic is a collaboration, the key collaborators must be current members at the time of entry for the work to qualify including designer/artist or copyright-owning entity. Professional collaborations, including use of a fabricating studio, are allowed. If work submitted is a community project, lead artist/designer or design team need to be current members.

Submitted artwork must be an artist’s original design, completed within the past two years (January 2015 through December 2016) and not previously exhibited in a SAMA exhibition. If an entry was created in a recognizable style or influence of another artist, at the time of submitting your entry please identify this fact and that your influence was from another artist who is known, unknown, contemporary, or deceased. Reproductions of ancient mosaics ARE NOT permitted. No reproductions of “copy-free” or copyrighted material (even with permission) allowed unless it is copyrighted by the submitting artist. No work executed during an educational experience such as a technical workshop, master course, or directed study may be submitted. Obvious copyright infringement will result in removal of all work for consideration prior to jurying.

Entry Requirements

Each artist may enter up to three (3) original works within this category.


Site-specific Mosaic Definition

Work that is permanently affixed to its intended environment. Public / Private Commissions, Community Projects, Large-scale Sculpture, and Surface Design. 


Image Guidelines

The jury process will take place by digital image review. Slides are not accepted.

      A total of five (5) images will be accepted per site-specific installation entry.   

      All submitted images shall be formatted in the following file size and resolution as a jpeg:

Images must be sized at 3600 ppi (on the long side of the image) at 300 dpi.

      Submit your primary image as the best overall image that you want to have printed in the catalog.

      Digitally altered images may be disqualified.

      Images should be accurate representations of the work. 

      Include a photograph of the work showing the finished mosaic in its permanent surrounding environment. 

      Images WILL NOT be reviewed if all guidelines are not followed.

      SAMA reserves the right to not include a work in the catalog if the submitted image does not meet the specifications for print quality.


Important: The quality of photography contributes greatly to the clarity, sharpness, color, lighting, and understanding of your artwork which assists the juror in their decision-making process and offers the highest-quality photograph for printing purposes.


Remember: You are a professional so think like a professional! 

Here are some professional photo tips to follow in order to obtain quality images that improve your chances of getting your work selected into the exhibition.

      Use a 35mm digital camera with at least 12 mega pixels. Do not use iPhones or point-and-shoot type cameras. Or, hire a professional to photograph your work according to the image requirements stated above.

      Always photograph using the highest resolution the camera will provide.

      Make sure the complete image is in focus.

      Front-light the object being photographed. Backlit objects will mute the colors.

      Never submit a bad photo that you would not want to see on a website or in print.


Digital Submission

All submissions to the Juried Member’s Exhibition are required to be entered via digital submission through Juried Art Services, www.juriedartservices.com. If you are not already registered with Juried Arts Services (JAS), you will need to register prior to submitting your application. Once registered, you will also be able to access other exhibition opportunities available to you through the JAS site. Members without internet access are encouraged to visit their neighborhood library or other institutions that provide free use of computers with internet access. Those with extreme circumstances regarding no internet access, may contact the SAMA office to discuss possible solutions—however, keep in mind, only digital images (no slides) will be accepted. If you experience difficulties submitting your entry in JAS, please review the HELP section of the JAS website for directions, guidelines, and helpful hints in preparing your application information and images for submission.

Incomplete applications submitted to the JAS Website will be deemed ineligible.




ENTRIES CONSIST OF 1 PRIMARY IMAGE (one that can best represent the work as a whole) AND UP TO 4 DETAIL IMAGES FOR EACH ENTRY for a maximum of five (5) images total.  Please provide the same information for the detail image as you do for the primary. 


For each work, you will need: Height, Width, Year Created, Installation Location (including city, state, and country), a brief listing of materials, and a detailed description of the work and its setting. Be precise in the description of materials (ie: "glass" is insufficient and should be identified as "vitreous glass," etc.)  A term such as "mixed media" is also insufficient without some description of the most important materials included.  Description of the substrate is not required. SAMA reserves the right to edit all lists of materials and dimensions to a common standard for labels and catalog text.  The detailed description of the work and its setting should address the environment the work was created for and purpose or commissioning body directives toward design and fabrication.


Important Tip: Please prepare all text in advance of working on your application at www.JuriedArtServices.com so you can have it readily accessible to enter into the system.


When you complete your digital application at www.JuriedArtServices.com, please pay the entry fee on the Juried Art Services website. Payment must be made with debit or credit card. The entry fee is nonrefundable. 

Through January 10, 2017, Entry Fee is $45

January 11 – 13, 2017, Late Entry Fee is $50


Digital Application Checklist

Please have the following ready before going to www.JuriedArtServices.com. The process is estimated to take 30 minutes. 

      Digital images for a maximum of three (3) works, one full view and up to four detail shots for each artwork entered.

      For each work, you will need: Height, Width, Year Created, Installation Location (including city, state, and country), brief listing of materials and detailed description.

      Debit or Credit Card information.

      Current SAMA membership.


Selected Works

Artists selected for the exhibit will be asked to provide an Artist Statement about the work selected to be used for exhibition and publication purposes. All final statements of work accepted to MAI may be edited for publication and presentation consistency by SAMA and should not exceed 200 words.


For more information on appropriate content for your artist statement, please do your own research. There are several great tutorials, worksheets, questionnaires, and samples available all over the internet. Here are a few to get you started: http://www.artbusiness.com/artstate.html,

http://www.mollygordon.com/resources/marketingresources/artstatemt/, http://www.artstudy.org/art-and-design-careers/artist-statement.php


Note that artists whose work is selected to MAI 2017 must maintain their membership status through December 2017.


Images of selected works will be retained for the SAMA Library. Submission indicates granting of rights to SAMA to reproduce work in a print catalog, publicity poster, on the SAMA website, and in additional publications and websites for publicity purposes. The printed catalog will be sold for SAMA fundraising purposes as well as used for marketing of SAMA. Artists retain all copyrights to their individual works.


If it is proven that eligibility requirements and submission guidelines have not been adhered to after a work has been selected by the jury, the work will be omitted from the exhibition and the member will not be eligible to enter work for consideration in future MAI exhibitions for five (5) years.


Artists who decline to exhibit selected work will be ineligible to enter SAMA shows for five years. Entry into the exhibition confirms acceptance of all conditions above. Please read all conditions in detail.

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