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Application Dates:
Nov 28, 2016 - Jan 18, 2017
Application Fee:
Fee varies depending on shows selected
Notification Date:
Feb 14, 2017

Dear Artists,

     We are excited to launch our new 2017 season including the Chicago Art Show at Navy Pier this April. We’re rolling out our new online art commerce site; ArtZipper.com, a great place to show and sell 24/7, 365 days a year. Free Boot Camps on jurying and selling return by popular demand.

     To make the finances easier, we’re happy to offer PRICE ROLL BACKS and great DOUBLE DEALS for double spaces on many shows.

     To help you find festivals that are right for you, we have created a new festival finder system. You’ll find these icons on each festival listing. The key is shown below.

Thanks to all of the artists who have exhibited at our festivals over the past 34 years. It’s been wonderful getting to know so many creative people and seeing the amazing art presented over the years.  Thank you to our Artists Advisory Board who gives us great feedback and ideas.

All info is subject to change, so please check AmdurProductions.com for updates and call us with any questions at 847-926-4300.

List of Festivals and Dates


8-9       The Chicago Art Show At Navy Pier  Chicago, Illinois



19        Friday Art Market  Chicago, Illinois

20-21   Spring Art Festival  Oak Brook, Illinois

27-28   Barrington Art Festival  Barrington, Illinois



3-4       Buffalo Grove Art Festival   Buffalo Grove, Illinois

9          Friday Art Market Chicago Illinois

10-11   Promenade of Art   Arlington Heights, Illinois

17-18   Gold Coast Art Fair   Chicago, Illinois

24-25   Festival of Fine Arts  Highland Park, Illinois



1-2       Chicago Botanic Garden Art Festival  Glencoe, Illinois

7, 8, 9  Millennium Art Festival  Chicago, Illinois

8-9       North Shore Festival of Art Skokie, Illinois

14        Friday Art Market Chicago Illinois   

15-16   Southport Art Festival  Chicago, Illinois

15-16   Art in the Park Northbrook, Illinois

21, 22, 23        Artfest Michigan Avenue  Chicago, Illinois

29-30   Glencoe Festival of Art  Glencoe, Illinois



4          Friday Art Market Chicago, Illinois

5-6       Art at the Glen  Glenview, Illinois

12-13   Lincolnshire Art Festival  Lincolnshire, Illinois

18, 19, 20        Evanston Art & Big Fork Festival Evanston, Illinois

19-20   Fine Art Festival Oakbrook, Illinois

26-27   Port Clinton Art Festival  Highland Park, Illinois



2-3       Third Ward Art Festival  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

9-10     Deer Park Art Show  Deer Park, Illinois

16-17   West Loop Art Fest  Chicago, Illinois

23-24   Starving Artists Show  Highwood, Illinois



September 30 & October 1     ArtOberfest Chicago, Illinois



17, 18, 19        Bling The Jewelry & Gift Show  Highland Park, Illinois


Festival Eligibility

  1. All artwork submitted to the jury process, displayed and presented for sale must be designed and executed by the accepted artists.
  2. Artist certifies that jury images submitted represent his/her/their current original work.
  3. Art collaborators that produce a single item may qualify as a single exhibitor. If you enter as a collaboration, it must be clearly noted on the application and the collaborative effort must be clearly defined. Both artists must be present during all festival hours.
  4. No work made solely by apprentices or employees will be accepted.
  5. “Buy/sell” items are strictly prohibited from all or part of an artist’s booth, including those wishing to sell work from a community or extended family.
  6. Artwork created from commercial molds, mass-produced kits, embellished objects or other commercial methods or artwork produced in studios involved in volume production will not be permitted.

Festival Policies

  1. Acceptance is non-transferable.
  2. All festivals are drug-free environments.
  3. No smoking is allowed in artists booths.
  4. Accepted artists must be present and exhibit during all festival hours. No agents, representatives, family members or friends are permitted as a substitute for the accepted artists’ attendance, unless express exception is granted in special circumstances.
  5. Any artist closing his/her/their booth prior to the end of the show without permission will not be permitted to return the next day or in subsequent years.
  6. Only artwork in the category accepted through the jury process are allowed to be exhibited. It is the exclusive right and responsibility of the Festival Committee to remove work that is not in compliance with the festival policies and requirements.

Discount/sales signs, ribbons and awards from other shows are not allowed, unless permitted by festivals such as The Starving Artists Show.

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